NASM Management

Non-Agricultural Source Material (NASM) is any material that is not from an agricultural source but is capable of being land applied as a nutrient. We offer a range of transportation and NASM management services that have been specially designed to help municipalities remove, transport and dispose of biosolids residuals from municipal treatment plants.

Benefits of Biosolids as Fertilizer

Crops require essential nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous which can be derived from biosolids. Organic matter found in biosolids enhances moisture retention, soil structure, permeability, reduces wind and water erosion, and enhances the uptake of plant nutrients. It also improves soil fertility, offsetting the need for commercial fertilizers. Biosolids need to be sampled and […]

Welcome to Thomas Nutrient Solutions New Website!

Thomas Nutrient Solutions is pleased to welcome you to our new website. As a team of long-time Niagara residents with years of experience managing Niagara biosolids in capacities such as Operations Managers, Land Coordinators, Agronomists and Field Supervisors, we are very excited about the opportunity to help manage Niagara’s biosolids. With our first-hand knowledge of […]

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